Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Pleased to Make your Aquaintance

I should really start my first blog by introducing myself. 

I am Em Taylor and I have recently begun writing Regency romance novels. I am currently about eighty percent finished my first book, Saved by a Rake. I'm a relatively quick writer and have decided to self publish this one. So I hope to launch it sometime around the middle of November, assuming I can organise everything and get it uploaded to Amazon etc.

I myself am relatively new to the Regency subgenre, having been more of a sci fi and contemporary geek. But I read one of Lynsay Sand Regency novels and I was hooked. I am currently reading everything I can from Mary Balogh and then moving onto Stephanie Laurens and Tessa Dare. 

How can you not fall in love with a handsome rake in buff riding breeches, and dark blue tailcoat and top boots catching a young lady's eye as he rides through Hyde Park during the fashionable hour. How can you not want to be her as they arrive in a carriage at the front door of the sprawling mansion where she will be mistress for the first time, to be greeted by a long line of staff eager to meet her.

Since I started writing Regency, I have had to learn a lot. Luckily, I live in a time where most information is available at the click of a button. What kind of horse would a gentleman ride? What kind of pistols would be used in a duel? What would be eaten at a wedding breakfast? All fascinating topics. One of my regular features will be an explanation of one of the topics I have learned about this week. I also hope to have interviews and guest bogs from other historical romance writers. And men in cravats. There have to be gratuitous pictures of men in cravats. 

We'll start with the most famous one of all, Mr Darcy (the BBC version, of course).
I will bid you farewell,

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