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Rabbie Burns - A True Rake: Burns Night Blog Hop

Welcome to the Burns Night Blog Hop.

When you were born and brought up in Scotland (as I was) and now live 10 miles from the birthplace of Robert Burns, Burns' night is something of which to be proud. Robert Burns was born a year before George III acceded to the throne of Great Britain but sadly only lived to the age of 37.

Burns fell in love rather easily and had numerous affairs and illegitimate children. His

marriage to Jean Armour seems to have been not entirely legal. When he travelled to Edinburgh after his lover Mary Campbell (Highland Mary) died of typhus, he lived the life of a bachelor and a rake. 

While even by today's standards Robert Burns' behaviour towards his women would be frowned upon, I think he proves the point that our love of rakish men and even the truly outrageous flirt transcends time. We can't help ourselves.

As an author of Regency Romance, I always make sure that my rakes are honourable. And while I would never have let Burns date my daughter, I'm sure I would have giggled at his more naughty poetry had I over heard it.

Burns' X-rated poetry is not particularly well known. He wrote it for his male friends to entertain them. We all know what men are like with a few ales down their throats. And Burns and his cronies were no different. Take for example this little ditty. (I had to asterisk out the rude word.)

Yestreen I wed a lady fair,
And ye wad believe me,
On her c**t there grows nae hair,
That's the thing that grieves me. 
It vexed me sair, it plagu'd me sair,
It put me in a passion,
To think that I had wad a wife,
Whase c**t was out o' fashion.

(Translation: Yesterday I wed a fair lady, and would you believe me, One her c**t there grows no hair, that's the thing that distresses me. It vexed me sore, it plagued me sore It made me dreadfully upset. To think that I had wed a wife whose c**t was out of fashion)

I can easily see all the drunk men sitting near the fireplace in the inn listening to a charming Burns recite his rude poetry. I'm sure I don't need to post the words to "Nine Inch Will Please a Lady." 

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While I may laugh at Burns' poetry I most definitely would not have wanted to be courted by him. Unlike the hero of Saved by a Rake, my debut regency Romance.

Set just twenty years after the death of Burns, the book deals with the brutal rape and its aftermath for Lady Rebecca Eversley. Daniel has been living a life of a rake up until then (I hasten to add that Daniel is not the rapist) but feels sorry for Rebecca and offers for her hand. At which point he puts aside his rakish ways and sets about helping Rebecca to overcome her fears of intimacy.

Daniel may not have been able to write a poem, but he knew how to look after his womenfolk. He's also from the South of Scotland which makes him  even sexier.

As part of the blog hop, I am going to give away 2 copies of Saved by a Rake. All you have to do is leave a comment below (even a "hello" will do) to be in the draw.

Also remember to join in the rafflecopter for a chance to win a$50 Gift Certificate (or even a $10 GC) and then visit all our other fabulous authors and bloggers on today's Burns Night Bloghop. 

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  1. I have to say, I was definitely unaware of Burns' x-rated poetry!
    jmcgaugh (at) semo (dot) edu

    1. They were gathered together in a book called The Merry Muses of Caledonia. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Congrats on your debut book! It sounds like a great read. But why are men from the South of Scotland sexier (than their Northern brethren?). I thought all Scots are sexy! :D

    1. I didn't really mean he was sexier than a highlander. Just sexier than your average London Rake which is where he meets the heroine.

  3. Thanks for teaching us a bit about the man behind the poetry! Gosh, what a bad boy! But I bet he still had plenty of women swooning over him. A man with a way with words can get away with a lot!

  4. raise a dram and toast the man behind the poetry! no haggis please ;)

  5. he sounded like a bad boy! thanks for sharing his "poetry"; had never read it before.

  6. Awesome I like Naughty Poetry. LOL I guess in reality of today he would be known as a highland gigolo - LOL He sounds like a hoot to party with - hee hee. You know all those women were ready to be swept off their feet for one night of ecstasy regardless of their material status. I love storys of Rakes but I like them gentle and understanding as well. I definitely need to read more of his poetry

  7. I am definitely enjoying Burn's Night :)


  8. I love blog hops when they are regarding reading genres I enjoy--and Scots stories are something I definitely enjoy! The alpha, touch males in kilts, the strong, feisty heroines, the rugged beautiful country--all of it I love. I'm one-quarter Scots myself and red hair is rampant in my family! Thanks for the post and the tour.

  9. Awesome! You know, Burns was pretty typical of his time, but I think he was also compassionate: he felt sorry for the Wee Mousie, and seems to have had a lot of friends, even when he was destitute. Your book sounds terrific!

  10. More people might read poetry if there was more naughty poetry in the canon! I always enjoy some of Yeats' saucy poems.
    capefearlibn at gmail dot com

  11. I never heard about Burns Night till today and I find the history fascinating.