Monday, 21 April 2014

Spring Fling Blog Hop

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Today I am going to be talking about the ton in spring. As a writer of Regency romance,  spring is most definitely the time when love is in the air and the marriage mart is in full swing. A girl of 23 or 24 will be pinning her hopes on this season because if she reaches the ripe old age of snaring an eligible young bachelor, she has the prospect of spinsterhood or marriage to some old doddery earl who needs an heir.

In March, all the aristocracy would descend on London for the parliamentary session and the Season. While peers went to parliament to create laws or got drunk and wagered away their fortunes in gaming hells, the ladies of the ton paid visits to one another, took rides in the park during the fashionable hour and coerced their menfolk into attending routs and balls and occasionally an evening at the theatre or Vauxhall Gardens.
It is against this backdrop that the couples in my two novels, "Saved by a Rake" and "Restoring Lady Anna," meet and fall in love. And while Daniel and Rebecca, in Saved by a Rake must overcome the gossip of the ton and the attack on Rebecca by a previous suitor, James and Anna were cruelly separated after their first few weeks together and have only just found each other 5 years later. 

Saved by a Rake is currently available in Amazon, Restoring Lady Anna will be available to purchase on Friday, 25th April 2014, also in Amazon.

To be in with a chance to win a pdf copy of both books, please leave a comment at the end of the blog and I'll pick a winner. 

Here are the blurbs for both books.

Saved by a Rake
When Lady Rebecca Eversley is left ravished by the Earl of Newthorpe and facing ruination, she has the choice to point her pretty little nose in the air and face the gossips of the Ton or scurry off to the country to live out her life as an old maid. When she meets Lord Daniel Ramsey, a notorious rake, she decides on the former course of action. Daniel has been given an ultimatum, marry before his father dies or lose the majority of his inheritance money. Rebecca seems the perfect candidate, especially once rumours about her start to circulate in the drawing rooms of Mayfair. When Newthorpe is found dead on the morning of their wedding, the people they care about find themselves suspects in the case. Who murdered Newthorpe and can Rebecca ever get over what he did to her?

Restoring Lady Anna
When Lord James Eversley is accused of a murder he did not commit, he dresses up as his new brother-in-law’s footman and hitches a ride in their carriage out of town. When it seems they are no longer being followed he begins to relax until a minor accident causes them to stop at a shabby looking inn. As his “master” and his sister sip tea in the scruffy parlour, James comes face to face with Lady Anna, the woman who left him in the dead of night five years before and a familiar looking child.

Lady Anna has accepted her life as Mrs Johnstone, mother of four-year-old Viola, “wife” of Peter, the mentally ill former footman and land lady of a shabby inn on the Great North Road. Her plans for a love match with the handsome Lord Eversley were cruelly snatched away from her five years before. Her ruination means there is no opportunity to return to her family or the ton. When James turns up, dressed as a footman and demanding answers, Anna must decide whether to tell the truth.

James never stopped loving Anna and now he must learn what happened that fateful night that Anna left him heartbroken. With the truth out in the open, he must convince the love of his life to take a chance on him. He wants to marry her and restore her reputation among the aristocracy. But in Regency England reputations are easily lost and difficult to regain. Can Anna trust James enough to do what is right for Peter, despite his actions, her child and most importantly himself? Can James convince Anna to seek the help that Peter needs and return to the ton?

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  1. Good morning! It looks like I'm the early bird. I can't imagine being a spinster at 23 or 24! I was graduating from college and just setting out in the world as an adult. How times have changed, but in many ways, the human heart's desires haven't changed. We still need love. It's great to connect with you through the hop.

  2. Hi Em, You are a new-to-me author. That's why I love these blog hops....I meet so many authors I would otherwise not find. I love historical romances and your books sound like my kind of stories.

    kareninnc at gmail dot com

  3. Thank goodness we are not subjected to the rules of the ton and other such social mores when choosing a partner these days - mind you I wouldn't mind wearing some of the dresses the heroines wore in Regency romances, or falling in love with a handsome member of the aristocracy! Tina :)

  4. Love the cover. Thanks for the great giveaway!!!!

  5. I love regency's and those covers are amazing.


  6. Thanks for the little insight into history and for another look at your lovely covers!

  7. Thank you for the bit of info... Love the covers... Thank you for being part of the hop.

  8. It's funny how everything has change since then. Both books are interesting enough to read. I'm interested in reading Saved by the Rake. The storyline has a mystery to it and that intrigues me.


  9. I love historicals, and these both sound awesome!!

  10. I absolutely love historicals and these books sound amazing! I especially love when a women in a historical is outside what the prime and proper ton and the gentleman THINKS he wants. Guys never do know what they want till the right woman basically runs them

  11. The books sound like great reads! Thanks for sharing them with us, & thank you for this giveaway! =)

    I hope you have a great week!

    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

  12. Thanks for being part of this hop. Your books look interesting.

  13. Thanks for being a part of the hop. Sounds like great book and really enjoy the covers!
    jessangil at gmail dot com

  14. thank you for the chance at such a great giveaway. i love the covers of the books, they are beautiful. i look forward to reading them both.

    tammy ramey

  15. Thanks for sharing the bit of context and your books. And for hosting the giveaway.

    I love finding new authors to read. Fingers crossed to win.

    skeeterlee63 @

  16. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. I hope you all enjoy the books. Restoring Lady Anna has been delayed until next week but Saved by a Rake is available on Amazon.

    The winner of my prize, a copy of Saved by a Rake and one of Restoring Lady Anna was picked at random and the lucky winner is Shannon Williams. Shannon I will email you tomorrow.

    Congratulations and thank you everyone for taking part.